can i use my oven if the glass cooktop is cracked

Can I Use My Oven If the Glass Cooktop is Cracked? Safety Guidelines!

One of the major challenges that most people face when using a glass cooktop is its fragile nature. You need to handle it with careful hand since it can be easily cracked. And, if your glass cooktop is cracked, you might be doubtful whether you can use your oven further or not. Can I use my oven if the glass cooktop is cracked? It is worth knowing whether it is possible to use your oven further to confirm your own safety and good condition of the oven. We have gathered the most important factors regarding this case, so move on to the sections below.

Are Oven and Cooktop Connected?

Some models come with an inter-connected oven body and cooktop, while others do not.

If they are connected, there are the same electrical circuits and temperature controls for both components.

Luckily, the oven and cooktop of the latest models are designed with separate electrical circuits.

In those kinds of ovens, the stove of the oven works independently. So, you are advised to check whether these two are connected before purchasing an oven.

Can I Use My Oven If the Glass Cooktop is Cracked?

You can use your oven even though the glass cooktop is cracked if these two elements have not connected with only one electrical circuit. Thus, it is vital to have separate electrical circuits for these two elements.

So, you need to check the specifications of your model to confirm the possibility of using the oven in such a case.

Sometimes, the cracked stovetop can operate the thermal stress. Then you cannot use the oven. Here, what happens is thermal stress leads the crack to spread more.

As a result, the crack will extend to the internal wiring system too. And the top of the stove can be shattered due to thermal stress.

Anyways, you should consider the size of the crack before starting to use the oven. If the crack is larger, there is a risk of shattering.

Is It Dangerous to Use the Oven When the Glass Cooktop is Cracked?

According to the potential consequences of this case, it can be dangerous to use your oven again and again when there are cracks on your cooktop. Although there are two separate electrical circuits, you need to be cautious.

If the stovetop starts to shatter, you might be injured. And if there is an electrical shortage, it can be dangerous too.

Due to these things, it is not recommended to use the oven when there is a cracked glass cooktop. You should replace your stovetop as soon as you can.

As a temporary solution, it is possible to use a piece of plywood above the stove’s surface. Then the crack will not become larger when you cook something.

How Much does It Cost to Replace the Glass Cooktop?

This is the next question your mind will ask. In general, the repair cost of a cooktop will range from $50 to $200. Sometimes, the cost will be higher to install and set wires on a conventional electric cooktop. Thus, the price depends on the particular model you have and the damage to your cooktop.

If you want to install a brand-new glass cooktop, you have to spend around $500 to $1000. The reason why, some electrical changes are required too. If your oven is still under the warranty period, you can contact the manufacturer or dealer and request a replacement. 

Since repairing and replacing cost is too high, it is advisable to protect your glass cooktop.

How to Prevent Cracks on My Glass Cooktop

How to Prevent Cracks on My Glass Cooktop?

It is a must to prevent cracks on the glass cooktop because there are some dangers behind this case. Here we have listed some essential tips and tricks to save your glass cooktop from cracking.

  • You should use lighter cookware on your glass cooktop. Make sure to choose the ones that have flat bottoms. There are stainless steel and aluminum pans that do not put much weight on the cooktop. You are not advised to use heavy-duty pots such as copper, ceramic, and porcelain cookware over the cooktop.
  • Remember to keep the cooktop clean always. The best practice would be cleaning it after every use.
  • Do not put heavy stuff such as knife holders, containers, and pots over the glass cooktop. If you accidentally hit them, the cooktop can be cracked.
  • Do not use the cooktop as the surface to fill plates and prepare portions.

How to Repair an Oven’s Glass Panel?

It is always better to get professional help to repair a cracked glass panel. But if you are confident enough, here are instructions to do it by yourself. However, you need to have experience in handling the tools. The tools you will need are a new piece of glass, high temp silicone sealant, screws, and a Philips head screwdriver.

  1. First of all, the oven should be turned off. Wait at least 15 minutes until the oven cools down completely.
  2. Now, you can remove the screws on your glass panel using the screwdriver. Take your time and remove them gently without letting the glass shatter.
  3. Then, the cracked glass should be removed carefully. If there are broken pieces, remove them separately.
  4. Take the sealant and apply it around the edge. If there are some special instructions from the manufacturer, follow them.
  5. Now, you can place the new glass.
  6. Fix the screws in places.
  7. You should not use the cooktop until the sealant dries completely. It would be better to wait around 24 hours.

Can I Use Stoves If the Glass Cooktop is Cracked?

As a general recommendation, it is not a good idea to use the stoves on a cracked cooktop. The reason why, when you warm up a pan, the crack can be expanded further. Finally, the whole glass cooktop can start to shatter and damage the whole area.

However, if the crack is a smaller one, there is a chance to cook an instant meal on the stove. But you should use the stove for only 1 to 2 minutes. And it would be better to use a fan around the stove after you switch off the stove.  

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