can you use pine sol on laminate floors

Can You Use Pine Sol on Laminate Floors? [Is It Safe]

Most homeowners are impressed with the look and shine of new laminate floors when they are installed. However, it is vital to regularly clean your laminate flooring to keep it looking spectacular. So we’ll find the answer to the question, ‘can you use pine sol on laminate floors?’

Pine-sol can be used on various surfaces, For example, floors, carpets, etc. So this is why pine-sol is a multipurpose cleaner. To avoid potential problems, you must use them correctly.

Can You Use Pine Sol on Laminate Dloors? Is it True?

The answer to the above question is Yes, without a doubt. Pine-Sol is safe to use on laminate floors without causing damage to the finish or laminate planks. There is no restriction on what hardwood floors can be treated with Pine-Sol, including laminate. Besides cement and ceramic tile surfaces, the product can also be used on glass, plastic, carpet, granite, and Linoleum surfaces. This multipurpose cleaner is the perfect solution to a wide range of cleaning problems.

You can use this cleaner to remove tough kitchen stains such as grease, grape juice, mustard, and soap scum from most surfaces. It is essential to sweep your floors regularly to achieve the best cleaning results. For each gallon of water, use 14 cups of pine sole. Most floors do not require rinsing.

There is an exception to this rule in the case of rubber and asphalt tiles. You should use full strength if you have tough stains and wash them as soon as possible.

How to Clean Laminate Floors with Pine Sol?

  • First, Sweep and Vacuum

It is important to sweep and vacuum your laminate floor before using a mop and liquid cleaner. As a result, you will be able to remove surface dust, dirt, and debris, resulting in more effective mopping.

  • Dilute with Pine Sol

Add one gallon of warm water to a large bucket and 14 cups of Pine Sol, and stir well. The amount of Pine-Sol will need to be adjusted based on the warm water that fits into the spray bottle.

  • Then Start Mopping

Now that the Pine-Sol has been diluted, it is time to begin mopping. Using a bucket or a spray bottle will determine how you proceed.

Stick to a soft mop that can be wrung out for use in a bucket. You can prevent damage to your floor by wringing out the excess water and cleaner.

It is better to use a microfiber mop is you are using a bottle spray. Apply a light mist of water to a flooring section, following along the planks with the mop.

  • Then Rinse the Floor and Let It Dry

It is necessary to rinse the floor as soon as you mop it. Nevertheless, rinsing with clean water is okay if you wish to avoid residue or if your flooring is filthy. Using it will allow you to wipe away any excess cleaner and dirt that remains. You should enable your laminate floors to air dry after rinsing them.

Chemicals contain in Pine-sol

  • Water (Aqua)
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • PEG/PPG Propylheptyl ethers
  • Acid Red 52
  • Acid Violet 48
  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Hydroxyethyl cellulose
  • C10-12 Alcohol Ethylates
  • Fragrance ingredients

Your laminate surface will not be damaged by any of these chemicals. Consequently, this cleaner can clean kitchens and sinks of grease messes.

Most cleaning solutions on the market contain harsh chemicals that will not only strip off your floor’s finish but also penetrate deeply into the planks, causing them to become porous.

When this occurs, your floors will become more susceptible to scratches, dents, scuffs, and even permanent stains.

There is no problem using pine sol to clean the laminate floor. Laminate floors are not likely to be damaged by this cleaner because it does not contain harsh chemicals or ingredients.

There should be no problem using it, as it is entirely safe.

What are the Benefits of Cleaning Laminate Floors with Pine Sol?

You can mop dust, dirt, debris, and grease with Pine Sol because its chemicals break everything down. You can save money by sticking with Pine Sol rather than purchasing a separate floor cleaner. Using a single product on multiple types of surfaces is possible. Aside from making cleaning more convenient, it can also prevent you from accidentally mixing consequences that can result in undesirable combined reactions.

As well as cleaning, Pine Sol deodorizes. There are a variety of fragrances available for your particular version of the cleaner, so it can remove unpleasant odors from your home and leave behind a fresh scent.

How to Keep Laminate Floors Clean and Dirt Free?

  • Regular Sweeping and Cleaning

It is crucial to sweep and mop laminate floors regularly to keep them as beautiful as new. The surface can be scratched even by small pieces of debris.

  • Use Doormats

Use doormats to keep away the dirt from entering the house. It is your shoes that bring most of the dirt into your home. So if you have doormats at the entrance and a few more here and there, it will minimize the dirt entering the house.

  • Use Felt Pads

It is necessary to place felt pads under the furniture in order to prevent scratches on the laminate floors as a result of movement. These pads don’t cost much on them and are effortless to find. As well as making it easier to drag furniture, felt pads reduce scratching.

  • Avoid Using Harsh Cleaning Products

If you are using cleaning products containing harsh chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, lemon juice, and soap, we strongly recommend you refrain from using them. The result is a messy appearance after you have completed the project, and some of them may damage the upper layer of laminate flooring. It is also advisable not to polish or wax the floors. The nature of laminate floors is such that they require only regular cleaning to remain in good condition.


Is It Possible to Mix Vinegar and Pine Sol Together?

 Pine Sol and vinegar are excellent cleaning agents, so many wonders will happen if you use them together. Fortunately, the two can work well together. For extra cleaning power, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to a bucket. Use one to two teaspoons if you are using a spray bottle.

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