Can You Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner in the Shower?

Can You Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner in the Shower?

Toilet bowl cleaners are a relief if you are struggling with the limescale formed due to high percentages of calcium carbonate in the water sauce your household is powered by. Can you use toilet bowl cleaner in the shower? This is a frequently asked question of every home when they have got hard to remove stains in their bathtubs. 

Toilet bowl cleaners are a more significant investment that you make in the cleaning process of your house. The highly acidic medium of toilet whiteners removes any limescale, dirt, rust, bacteria, virus, and hard water residuals in toilets. Usually, chlorine is used as the bleaching agent. Some disinfectants are mixed with bleaching liquids in some others. The corrosive quality of toilet cleaners is highly admired in the sense of hygiene and restricting the spread of infectious diseases caused by germs. Any toilet cleaning will not make you stay for hours for the cleaning and thus has made the toilet cleaning an easy do. 

Can You Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner in the Shower?

Toilet bowl cleaners act similar to drain cleaners. These are highly corrosive liquids that contain a bleaching agent. Therefore, if you need to use it for another place in your bathroom or the kitchen, it is very important to perform a fact check first. Can you use toilet cleaner in the shower? This matter will pop up in your mind when you recently have got brown-coloured deposits due to iron in hard water or else stains from a cosmetic product you used. 

Whether toilet cleaners are better done in toilets made of ceramic or vitreous China, they cannot be used in larger areas like showers and bathtubs. There are lots of reasons for this prohibition. 

  • Toilet bowl cleaners are highly acidic substances that use chlorine as a bleaching agent. They also contain hydrochloric acid. These harsh chemicals are dangerous to human skin. When you use a toilet whitener on a larger surface like a bathtub, there are chances it may contain unwashed bleach in some places.
  • Suppose you did not wash out the chemicals properly or accidentally left any behind. In that case, there is a high possibility of contracting those hazardous substances with your skin when you have a shower. 
  • Scrubbing a bathtub consumes a considerable time than cleaning a toilet bowl. Therefore, the time at which the chemicals in a toilet cleaner rest on the surfaces of your shower will increase until you finish rubbing all the areas. This will make your shower spaces corrode and damage. There is also a high risk of damaging your shower’s plumbing with the harsh chemicals of toilet bowl cleaners. Even the doors and tiled walls of the bathroom could be damaged when in contact with this excessively acid media. 
  • When you use larger quantities of toilet whiteners in shower areas and continue cleaning, it makes a background for inhaling chlorine in high amounts. If there are loads of chlorine intake through respiration, your lungs and organs will be damaged. A fluid will produce in the lungs, and you could experience shortness of breath. Some people have experienced stinging in the nose and eyes. Light-headedness is another sign of toxic inhale, and if you feel like fainting while cleaning your shower with a toilet cleaner, then stop the task immediately, come out of the bath area and rest yourself in a seat. Please do not hesitate to ask for help and get immediate medical assistance.  
  • If you are cleaning with a liquid that contains higher amounts of bleaching, your bathroom must be provided with proper ventilation. Open the windows and doors widely and allow air to come inside. Improper ventilation may cause the fumes of toilet bowl cleaner to circulate within the enclosed room and not exit. As we discussed earlier, if these toxins are collected inside, you will end up in medical situations. 
  • Deciding to clean your shower with a toilet whitening liquid may be harmful to your pets too. If your pet enters the shower area and gets contact with bleach on their paws and skin, it will cause them skin irritations. If they lick such an area, it will result in vomiting and, in worse cases, even death. Some small birds can get sick even by inhaling toxic fumes. 

What Can I Use to Clean My Shower?

It would be better if you use a mild tile cleaner in your shower areas. If you have no option other than bleaching, make sure to reduce the concentration of the bleaching solution. You can add one part of toilet cleaner to two parts of water and put it on a spray bottle. Then you can spray the mixture only on the affected area with hard stains. Be aware that you do not exceed 10 minutes when keeping the bleached mixture in your bath area to react. 

The white vinegar method is the most famous alternative of all time, with no harm. Here you have to mix the same amounts of white vinegar and hot water. Baking soda and white vinegar are other alternative methods to remove any grease on your shower tiles. These natural substances are all non-corrosive and harmless for your health. 

If you are concerned about the germs in your shower, use an antibacterial soap with hot water and use the mixture in your cleaning rounds. Combining soap and baking soda with lime juice will also provide you with a mild solution for your bathroom cleanings. 

Can I Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner to Clean My White Shoes? 

You cannot use toilet bowl cleaners when removing stains from your shoes. Use must only treat the spot with a wet cloth after the spot wash. 

What is the Best Cleaner for Mold in Shower?

Bleach or bleach-containing products are not advised to use in your shower areas. A main nontoxic alternative can be obtained by mixing hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar with baking soda.


In this article, we have discussed why you should not use toilet bowl cleaners in the shower with the explained reasons. You can also find appropriate solutions in place of bleaching agents if you look through the facts presented here. 

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