copper vs aluminum gutters

Copper vs Aluminum Gutters – (Pros & Cons Everything Explained)

The gutter around your roof does an important duty because it carries rainwater away, preventing any possible damage to the siding and foundation. But you may be having a hard time choosing the best type of gutters for your home since there is competition between copper and aluminum gutters. Anyways, both of them contain some pros and cons. Thus, today our discussion will be ‘copper vs aluminum gutters’ to give you a clear understanding regarding these two materials separately, so you will be able to pick up the right one.

Pros and Cons of Copper Gutters

What are the Advantages of Copper Gutters?

  1. The Lifespan – Copper gutters have a long life of up to 50 years. However, they can survive up to 70 to 90 years if the environment is not too harsh on them. Normally, copper gutters come with the potential to withstand extreme temperatures as well as rainstorms.
  2. The Stability – Copper gutters stay in place well without coming apart, although they have to hold a heavy weight, such as snow or ice. Hence, they will hardly need repairs. But you should get the service from a professional when installing. 
  3. The Maintenance – Copper acts as a resistance to corrosion, and also it weakens the growth of mold, moss, fungi, and mildew. Therefore, no need to worry much about the gutters’ maintenance.
  4. Eco-friendliness – You can recycle your old copper gutters without directly releasing them into the environment.  
  5. Second Market Value – If you plan to sell the house, the copper gutter system will add more value to the house because of its durability and high value.
  6. The Look – you can try a different style with copper gutters, and the bronzy copper gutters will give your house a classical look.

What are the Disadvantages of Copper Gutters? 

  1. The Price – Because of all the above benefits, copper gutters are pricy. You will have to spend money on the gutters as well as professional’s hire for a better installation.
  2. The Process of Installation – It will be difficult to install a copper gutter system by yourself without the service of a professional. The reason why the best outcome of the system depends on the precious, neat cuts and joints. In order to do that, you should have experience in this regard and specific tools.
  3. Cleaning – If you use a metal tool or any other harsh tool on copper gutters, there is a high chance of scratching them. Therefore, you have to use something non-irritated for cleaning.

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Gutters

What are the Advantages of Aluminum Gutters?

  1. Low Maintenance – You will not have to spend time on priming and painting if you go for aluminum gutters. Therefore, it is easy to maintain an aluminum gutter system.
  2. The Installation – You can even install aluminum gutters by yourself since soldering of the joints is not required for these gutters. And they are lightweight, which makes the installation easy. Consequently, you will save the hire of a professional as well.
  3. The Cost – Aluminum is the best option if you are looking for a good but inexpensive gutter system. It will save you thousands of dollars.
  4. Neutral Look – Most of the modern-home owners go for aluminum gutters since they are neutral and not highlighted much.
  5. Color Range – There is a range of colors for aluminum gutters, so you can select the preferred color as you wish. At the same time, you will be free from the cost of additional paints.

What are the Disadvantages of Aluminum Gutters? 

  1. The Durability – Normally, the lifespan of an aluminum gutters system is limited to 20 to 30 years. Therefore, the investment in aluminum gutters is short-term when compared with other options.
  2. Dent – Aluminum gutters tend to have dents with time, although they do not bend. It affects the performance of the gutter system and its durability.
  3. Effects of Temperature – If your house exposes to extreme heat the majority of the time year, it will be harmful to the aluminum gutters. Eventually, gutters might crack or split. Thus, you have to think twice about this investment, depending on the climate.
  4. Protection of Enamel Layer – You will have to protect the enamel layer of aluminum gutters; otherwise, there is a high chance to rust with time, and corrosion will spoil the appearance of gutters. So, you have to take some time when cleaning.

Copper vs Aluminum Gutters 

Now it is clear to you what the pros and cons of these two gutter systems are. So, let’s compare and contrast these two.

The durability of aluminum gutters is up to 50 years, while aluminum gutters are up to 20 to 30 years. Thus, if you are planning a long-term housing project, it is better to go for a copper gutter system. However, the prices lie on two terminals; copper gutters are expensive aluminum is not. Installation is another key thing, you cannot properly install the copper gutter system without the help of an expert, but aluminum gutters are easy to install.

When it comes to the look of these two gutters, both are equally elegant. But there is a color range for aluminum gutters, but copper gutters have only one color.

Maintenance is another key thing after the installation. Copper gutters have the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions such as high temperatures. But aluminum gutters might crack or split due to the high heat. And copper gutters are resistant to corrosion, but you have to take care of the enamel layer of aluminum gutters to prevent corrosion.

In conclusion, aluminum gutters are inexpensive and have a range of colors, but it has a short life. Moreover, you have to protect it from environmental phenomena. On the other hand, copper gutters are expensive, but it has a long life, and you do not have to bother about their maintenance.

Which is Better, Aluminum or Copper Gutters? 

Both gutters have their own strengths and weaknesses. So, it is up to you to choose the right one for your house, but we will tell you what factors you should consider when choosing one.

There may be a preference, but consider your budget and housing goals because these two gutter systems come with different prices and life expectancies. And depending on the climate in your area, the choice may vary. Further, the style and material of the guttering should be compatible with the structure of the house. Hence it will be better to get some advice from an expert if you are unable to select the correct one by yourself.

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