Why Wrap Your Doorknob In Aluminum Foil When Alone

Why Wrap Your Doorknob In Aluminum Foil When Alone?

When you are alone at home, several safety precautions will be helpful to prevent a stranger from trying to access the house unauthorizedly. Sometimes you might be staying in a separate house alone, or when the other members have gone on a vacation, you stay alone due to some unavoidable work, so it is better to know about the hacks you can use to keep the house yourself safe. In this article, you will learn why wrap your doorknob in aluminum foil when alone, which is one such hack many people use.

You might know how valuable aluminum foil is at home. You might use this to keep celery fresh, polish silverware, soften brown sugar, make a disposable grill pan, sharpen scissors, repair a flashlight, clean jewelry, and many other things. If you are wondering why wrap your doorknob in aluminum foil when alone, then you are in the right place, as this article will help you get the necessary information.

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Aluminum foil will be present in almost all households as it is helpful for cooking and baking. In contrast, this foil will also be useful when you are alone at home. If this sounds like something new to you, reading the article will give you in-depth knowledge on why wrap your doorknob in aluminum foil when alone.

Suppose you have never tried this hack before, then it is better to understand why they do this and whether this will be helpful before trying it out yourself. Wrapping the door knob using aluminum foil will be helpful depending on the perspective of certain people, as some people avoid doing this; hence let’s discuss about this hack more.

How To Wrap Your Doorknob With Aluminum Foil?

Suppose this hack seems like a good idea for you and you want to check whether this will be working when you are at home alone, then it is better to know how you can wrap the knob rather than doing it in the wrong way.

Simply, you have to cut a piece of aluminum foil that will be sufficient to wrap the knob. Then by using the sheet, you have to wrap the knob properly. It is obvious that you will need to wrap the aluminum foil from the inside of your house, so do not wrap it outside.

Suppose the rest of your family has left on vacation, and only you’re at home, then even a slight noise might make you feel scared at night. During such a situation, you will not have the capabilities to think of better safety precautions; hence people try to use these simple hacks.

Why Wrap Your Doorknob In Aluminum Foil When Alone?

The main idea why people wrap their door knobs with aluminum foil is because of safety reasons. When you are alone, you can try wrapping the door with this foil, which will help detect anyone who has tried opening the door. If the aluminum foil is not damaged, your home was safe throughout the night.

Although this seems practical enough for some people, in contrast, others say that wrapping the doorknob with aluminum foil will be something stupid as this will invite robbers as they can easily understand that you’re alone at home through the aluminum foil.

After wrapping the doorknob with foil, if you apply some Vaseline on top, you can make the knob hard to move. This may also prevent unauthorized access to the house. It is true, to some extent, this hack will be helpful, but at the same time, you must also look into the drawback, as this may indicate to the robber that you are alone at home.

Suppose you live in a place where there are a lot of robberies, then it is better to install a CCTV camera as this will be more helpful to detect any strangers trying to access the house. Also, the robber will not try to go to the house with a CCTV camera, so this will be an excellent option to make the house safe.

Other Reason For Wrapping The Door Knob With Aluminum Foil

Preventing unauthorized access is one of the reasons why people wrap their doorknob using aluminum foil. Apart from this, there are a few other reasons which are below.

  • Preventing Door Paint

When painting the door, it is necessary to cover the knob as this will help prevent paint from getting into the knob. So, for this purpose, you can use aluminum foil to cover the doorknob. After the painting process is complete, don’t just peel the foil off; instead, heat it using a hair dryer and then remove the foil.

  • Prevent Wear And Damages

Suppose you plan to do DIY projects like altering the door frame, repairing any door issues, etc., then to prevent scratches on the doorknob, you can cover it using aluminum foil.

You might know that you will have to spend on removing dents, scratches, and other damages, so when you prevent the knob by covering it, you will not have to pay any extra expense.

Other Techniques For Security

Since you might know that covering the doorknob with aluminum foil will not be a good option, it will be helpful if you have other possible methods by which you can secure the house.

As mentioned in the article, you can fix a CCTV camera which will help to check the recorded footage if you suspect any unauthorized access. You can also purchase a loud dog to guard the house and prevent strangers from entering the place, and installing the motion sensor with the gesture lights is considered one of the best options.

If you don’t have a dog, camera, or other sensors and feel that using aluminum foil will not work, then you can use your simple trick to scare off the buglers. All you have to do is switch on the lights and keep the area well-lit so the robbers might think there are people in the house who still have not slept.

Suppose you leave home for a more extended time while you are out for work and no one is at home. This may seem risky. So, in such cases, you can get a home sitter instead of leaving home uninhabited. These are a few other security techniques you can use if you think wrapping the door knob using aluminum foil will not work.

We hope this article on why wrap your doorknob in aluminum foil when alone was helpful.

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