How Much Does it Cost to Fill a Pool

How Much Does it Cost to Fill a Pool and How to Measure Pool Size

Most people like to have a pool at home, especially those who love swimming. When constructing a pool at your home, you will have to bear many costs, including the initial cost of filling the pool with water. People often ask how much does it cost to fill a pool as they will have to fill a considerable amount of water to an empty pool. During winter, most people drain their pool, so after winter, they have to fill it, therefore, it is essential to know about the cost.

Constructing a pool will not only have initial costs, but you must also spend for proper maintenance. If you are interested in swimming then having a pool at the home will be a good option as it is an excellent sport which you can do it at home without paying unwanted bucks.

When building the pool, you must seek the help of a professional to decide the place and to know how long and wide you can get the pool. Usually, a pool at home is not quite huge compared to the public pool or pools in hotels, so you will be able to maintain it without much fuss.

It is not necessary to construct the pool in the traditional square shape, you can also do it according to the structure of your land to get the maximum benefit from the available space. After the construction, you will have to spend on filling the pool.

So, it is better to know how much does it cost to fill a pool. Filling a pool is not like filling a water tank at your home. The pools will be deep and wide, and you must supply them with a significant amount of gallons which will obviously increase the cost.

How Much Does it Cost to Fill a Pool?

The expense related to filling a pool at home will depend on the size. Generally, when you are getting several gallons of water, 1000 gallons will cost about 4 to 6 dollars. When the number of total gallons increases, there are possibilities for a slight reduction in the price per 1000 gallons.

However, the cost will depend on the place you reside. The charges may increase if you live in an area with a moderate water supply. If you purchase 1000 gallons in the US, the cost will be 7.70 dollars. While in Canada, the cost per gallon of water will be 0.02 dollars, meaning 1000 gallons will cost 20 dollars.

The home pool owners often ask how many gallons of water will their pool need. It is simple mathematics through which you can find the quantity of water needed for your pool.

You will come across the method to find the capacity of your pool later in the article. On average, a pool will need around 17000 to 20000 gallons of water, but this may change according to the pool. 

Filling a home pool will cost around 80 to 200 dollars on average. If you plan to completely remove the water from your pool and fill it again, you must also pay for the removal process. Let’s also discuss how to find the capacity of your pool so that it will be easy to determine the number of gallons required to fill it.


How to Find the Capacity of Your Pool?

If you need to find out how much does it cost to fill a pool that is present in your place, you must first know its capacity. Finding the capacity of a square or rectangular pool will be more accessible than the other irregular shapes. Let’s see how to calculate the capacity of different shapes of the pool.

How to Find the Capacity of Square/ Rectangular pool?

You must use the formula of cube or cuboid to find the capacity of a square or rectangular pool. The formula is Volume = Length × Breadth × Height, and if it is a square pool, then the length and breadth values will be the same. You may also use the formula length × width × depth × 7.5.

How to Find the Capacity of Circular or oval-shaped pool?

Some people design their pools in a circular or oval shape to give the house an elegant look. When calculating the capacity of your oval or circular-shaped pool, you can use the formula length × width × depth × 5.9. In a perfectly circular pool, the Length and the width will have the same values. 

To get the exact capacity, you must measure several points and then get the average. For example, if you have a rectangular pool, get the Length at about three-point and then get the average, do the same thing for the width and depth. This process will help you to avoid errors.

After determining the capacity of your pool, you must divide the capacity by the volume of a gallon of water to find how many gallons of water you will need to fill your pool. You can use the same formula to find the volume of water required to fill a partially filled pool.

In that case, you will not take the full measurement. Instead, it would be best to take a measurement you need to fill. 

Maintenance of the Pool

When you have a pool at home, you can swim during your leisure time, and it is an excellent sport that will improve your respiratory system. For most of the winter, the pool is closed, and you will have to refill it when it is spring.

Although swimming has a lot of benefits, if you have a collection, you will have to spend some bucks on maintenance. You must use proper chemicals to purify the water and need adequate filters to consume electricity.

So, you will have to pay around 25 to 27 dollars for the electricity and for the chemical it may cost about 300 dollars. Apart from this, you will have to spend on other maintenance when removing and refilling.

Hence before designing a pool in your place, you must make sure that you can bear the cost of maintenance every month.

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