How to Wash Rothys Shoes

How to Wash Rothys Shoes

Rothys is a fashion company that initially started designing women’s shoes, and now the company also manufactures handbags and men’s shoes. The specialty in Rothys shoes is that the manufacturers make this item using recycled materials. If you are using a pair of Rothys shoes and searching for how to wash Rothys, this article will help you understand the process.

The thread the company uses to knit Rothys shoes is from the plastic waste bottle. Hence, this shoe will be environmentally friendly. If you have the experience of wearing Rothys shoes, you might know how comfortable you will feel. Rothys shoes will quickly get dirty when you wear them out, so you must clean them and have proper maintenance. Although Rothys gets dirty sooner, since these shoes are washable, you can quickly get rid of the dirt. By reading the article, you will learn how to wash Rothys.

The Rothys company contributes to preventing the environment by recycling plastic bottles to make their product. Since the manufacturers make these shoes using plastic, you can use this shoe for a longer time. When purchasing a pair of shoes, the first thing that people will check is whether it will be comfortable, the price, quality and whether you can easily clean the shoes.

When you clean some shoes, you might notice that it peels off, and you will not be able to use them for long, but unlike those shoes, you will be able to wash Rothys even in your washing machine. By knowing how to wash Rothys, you will be able to clean them properly.

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What Are Rothys Shoes?

Rothys has its unique variety of footwear, and the company in Sans Francisco started manufacturing in 2012. Now there are different branches of this company, as people intended to purchase these shoes. If you are planning to purchase your very first Rothys product, then the company will give you a discount of $20. These footwears are very light that will make your feel more comfortable. If you plan to pack extra pair of shoes when traveling, you can get a pair of Rothys as they are light.

You can use Rothys footwear for longer, but that doesn’t mean they will not require maintenance. Your Rothys shoes will also get dirty, so you must wash them. Washing your shoes properly by knowing how to clean Rothys will help increase their durability. If you don’t have an idea of how to wash Rothys, then don’t worry. In the next section of the article, you will learn the step-by-step process you can follow when cleaning your Rothys.

How to Wash Rothys Shoes?

It is acceptable that people are finding easier ways to do their daily chores. Similarly, you can wash your Rothys shoes in the washing machine. This will save you time, so you don’t have to do it manually. These shoes are machine washable, but before throwing them into your washing machine and starting to wash, you must learn how to wash Rothys to avoid damaging your shoes and the machine. Here are some steps you must follow when washing your Rothys shoes in the washing machine.

  • Remove the insole

You must first remove the insole in your shoes to provide a thorough clean. In Rothys shoes, the insole will be removable, so the process will be simple as you can slowly pull it out from the heel side.

  • Place in the washing Machine

Next, put both the shoes and insoles in the machine. If you are washing it with a few clothes, check whether your Rothys are muddy. If so, you must remove the mud and dust by clapping the shoes together.

It is best to put your Rothys shoes with a towel to prevent them from getting damaged during the spinning process. Do not overload the washing machine with extra clothes as your Rothys and the clothes will not get washed properly.

  • Add Mild Detergent

Do not add any detergent that contains more chemicals; instead, try to use a very mild detergent. As the Rothys shoes have plastic materials, some chemicals in the detergent can damage your boots; therefore, select a very mild detergent like the ones you will use on the baby product or for sensitive skin.

  • Choose the Correct Option

Choose the gentle cycle option and wash the Rothys shoes in cold water since hot water will damage the plastic fiber and deform the shape of your shoes. After washing, if the shoes still have some stain or dirt, you can repeat this process.

  • Dry your Rothys

After cleaning, you must air dry your Rothys shoes for at least 8 hours, which differs according to the temperature in your residence. You must not put your Rothys shoes in the dryer as this will surely damage your shoes. You can dry the Rothys shoes overnight, and most probably, the shoes will be ready by the morning so that you can wear them.

If you are wondering how to place your shoes for drying, you have to clip the shoes and insoles in the clothesline and let them dry. Drying the insoles separately will help them to dry completely, so do not place them inside the shoes during the drying process. Once the insoles and shoes are completely dried, place the insole inside the shoe.

By using this method, you will be able to wash your Rothys in the washing machine. Do not hurry the washing process and wait patiently until the shoes are entirely dried before wearing them, as this will increase the durability of your Rothys.

How To Hand Wash Rothys Shoes

The process is simple if you are planning to wash your Rothys shoes by hand. Fill a basin with cold water and add a mild detergent to it, and then separate the insoles from your shoes and put both the insoles and the shoes in the basin. Let it soak for some time, and then, using a bristle brush, clean your shoes and the insoles. Then you can rewash the Rothys with cold water and place them to dry.

Taking care of your Rothys is essential but do not wash them regularly as that may also reduce the durability. Instead, when you see any slight dirt, you can wipe it off using an old towel or a sponge. When necessary, you can wash your Rothys shoes.

This article on how to wash Rothys will help you understand the process of cleaning your Rothys. We hope this article was helpful.

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