are clorox bleach pens discontinued

Are Clorox Bleach Pens Discontinued? [Guide]

Nothing delivers a greater shine for removing stubborn stains and filth from clothing, tiles, ceramics, including grout than that of the Clorox bleach pens, which also offer a 100% hot water extraction assurance. On the shelves of several of the beloved retailers, Clorox bleach pens have suddenly gone disappeared. Are Clorox bleach pens discontinued?

Are Clorox bleach pens discontinued? Know as of October 1, 2018, Clorox bleach pen sales have been stopped.


Since the 20th century, Clorox has become a well-known brand for cleaning supplies. Although Clorox Bleach would be the company’s flagship product, it has now expanded to produce a wide range of additional cleaning goods, such as tissues, sprayers, washing products, and bleaching pens.

People frequently utilize Clorox bleach pens, which come in a convenient portable size, enabling quick and effective cleaning at home or while on the move. For a variety of tiny cleaning tasks, like removing mildew and bacteria from bathroom tile grouting, treating freshly damaged clothing with bleach ink, and numerous other uses.

What Precisely Did the Clorox Bleach Pens Accomplish?

In order to ensure an even spread of bleach, Clorox bleach pens use intense concentrations of bleach inside a gel-like composition. By preventing spillage into some other places, as with regular bleach, this gel combination prevents the bleach from dispersing and maintains its functioning in the single, limited area in which it is distributed.

This is what made it particularly useful for usage on textiles, such as clothing since the gel could remain in place on a single discolored patch of the material without oozing into adjacent spaces and unintentionally bleaching or discoloring adjacent fabric. For quick spot applications to stop impending stains, Clorox bleach pens were beneficial.

Are Clorox Bleach Pens Discontinued?

The bleach pens were sadly no longer produced by Clorox.

Are Clorox bleach pens discontinued? Elaboration.

The transportable Clorox bleach pen provides useful for accidents that need immediate attention. It would be a significant setback for the item’s ardent supporters not to have this revolutionary stain remover available.

Despite how sad it may seem, the company that made these Clorox bleach pens has stopped making them, probably because the package’s sales did not meet expectations. There are alternatives to the Clorox bleach pen, so don’t worry.

Are Clorox Bleaching Pens Currently Available Anywhere?

On certain third-party stores, including Amazon or eBay, you could still purchase Clorox Bleach Pens. The Clorox Bleach Pen’s withdrawal, though, has resulted in price increases that are several times more than before.

The price of a single 2 oz Clorox Bleach Pen on various sites has increased from over $25 to $55 and beyond. The degree to which a person desires the rare and extinct bleach pen, as well as the value they place on this cleanup tool, depends on them.

Is the Clorox Bleach Pens Refillable?

Regarding Clorox bleach pens, the business, regrettably, does not offer refill choices. The good thing is that you may refill the container with another stain-remover solution or bleach chemicals for DIY crafts. It would be less expensive and simpler if the corporation took this into consideration in the long term.

Can Clorox Bleach Pens have a Shelf Life?

Despite the fact that many individuals keep sizable bleach-containing bottles hidden beneath their kitchen appliances for decades at a time, bleach will eventually go bad and loses its potency.

Sodium chloride, which serves as the main component in bleach, eventually decomposes into salt water. The expiry date of Clorox bleach pens is stated to be a year.

But the production date—which is often inscribed on the box—begins that day. The expiration date of most bleach bottles is about six months, although they can survive up to one year when stored correctly. After then, bleach is said to lose 20% of its potency annually if left to sit.

Bleach quickly loses its potency when mixed with water, as is frequently done to provide safer cleaning materials for the household. Only approximately one week after making the combination would such a 1:4 bleach-to-water ration recipe be successful.

Since bleach products can break down more quickly in either cold or extremely hot conditions, it is advisable to keep bleach goods at room temperature for the longest possible shelf life. Because bleach decomposition is significantly influenced by light, it is sometimes supplied in thick bottles to block off the light. Products for bleaching will remain effective for longer if they are stored in a dark area.

Bleach markers. They certainly rank among the most useful household cleaning aids. What could be superior to a bleach pen? A handmade bleach pen.

How Can You Create a DIY Bleach Pen?

The greatest thing is that three components are needed to make your personal bleach pen, which is easy. It really couldn’t be simpler than this.

What Components Go Into Making?

  • One cup of iced water.
  • Five tbsp of cornstarch.
  • Five tbsp of ordinary bleach.

What Security Measures Need to be Taken Into Account?

Protection first. Wearing gloves that safeguard the arms and comfortable clothing, which you don’t mind getting bleach on, is always a smart idea while dealing with bleach.

What Steps Must I Follow?

Inside a little pan, add 3 tbsp of cornstarch plus 3/4 cup of water to begin. This water must be cold in order to prevent any gel clumps from being created by the cornstarch.

Stirring constantly on medium-high heat will make the solution thick as well as doughy. Once the liquid begins to boil and becomes rich like sauce, continue to cook it on low flame. After removing it from the heat, allow it fully cool.

Three teaspoons of fluid bleach should be added here to the cornstarch solution when it has fully cooled, as well as the solution should be stirred. Mix the gel thoroughly after adding the bleach. The gel solution should be measured and poured into the desired container. Even ideal if you require the tip to be a little shorter would use an old glue container.

Similar to how you would be using standard gel bleach pens, utilize. This stain has to be treated with bleach gel, which should be left on for about a minute. Utilizing a paper towel, wipe up extra gel before washing clothes right away.

Making your personal bleach pens is very simple. Greatly reduces costs while maintaining quality. Removes difficult stains with ease!

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