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What Is Chimney Repointing? – The Full Explanation!

A chimney is an aesthetic component since it adds beauty to the exterior. Also, this is essential item for a house to remove unwanted odors and smoke from your kitchen. The maintenance problems related to the chimney are relatively less. One such thing is called chimney repointing. What is Chimney Repointing? Let’s find out what it is and how to do it.

Of course, if you have a chimney, it adds a bit of historical beauty. We all want to take care of every aspect of our home. That’s why let’s look into this in detail and get an understanding.

What Is Chimney Repointing?

Simply put, the process of chimney repointing is used to mend the mortar of your chimney which is located between the bricks. Mortar refers to the cement-mixed liquid that we apply in the gap for bond. If there are any gaps that need to be repaired or restored, the purpose of this is to fill them with mortar and fix them. What’s more, the renovation work should be done very well by removing waste and other things between those gaps.

This method is used not only for chimneys but also for walls, buildings, and paving. And after repointing, the plaster should be filled again and prepared with a beautiful finish. Remember this most important thing! The challenging part of this process is repointing the part on the roof itself. So, choosing experienced professionals will reduce the risk.

It will be necessary to get a brief overview of its importance in the continuation of the article. Smoke from cooking fires in the kitchen is more likely to clog your lungs. That smoke is taken a far distance from you to the sky by the chimney. And it is a good protection for your health. So, if there is any fracture here, it will be damage to the structural process. Therefore, repointing is extremely important here. 

What is the Purpose of Chimney Repointing?

The importance of this arises with the formation of cracks and voids in the mortar. Usually, this happens after a long time, but you cannot ignore it. In many cases, the exposed part of the chimney is exposed to the weather and decays over time. There are some significant problems with it.

Generally, we have to face the durability problem when building the chimney with brick because we have to use mortar. But it’s more cost-effective to build using bricks-and-mortar and renovate periodically. If we talk about the importance of repointing in a bit of detail, firstly, as we discussed chimney gives some aesthetic shape to your house. Maintaining the external image nice and pleasant is straightforward by repointing as needed.

Also, if there are gaps and holes in the exhaust of each type of smoke produced in your kitchen, there will be leaks in the air. Then the fumes are added to the lower level, where they can be breathed again. Repointing must be done to prevent it.

The other thing is that even dirty rainwater is more likely to leak into your kitchen due to weather changes. Therefore, repointing is important for you in considering all the above matters.

Looking at it from another angle, if it gets worse over time without proper repointing, you could end up with a rebuild, which will cost you a lot. Therefore, it is highly needed to check the condition of your chimney, if it was made a long time ago!

How Long Does It Take to Repoint a Chimney?

This usually depends on the structure, size, and design of your chimney. Because chimneys come in different designs, structures, and finishes, the time it takes to restore them varies. Repointing a standard-size, standard shape chimney usually takes 3 to 4 days. Otherwise, it will take more days to repair a different type of advanced chimney. It is imperative to remember that these days are influenced by external factors.

And before you start this work, it is essential to be aware of the weather and the climate of that time. With snowy conditions, stormy conditions, or rainy conditions, this repointing is very difficult, and the number of days to finish increases rapidly.

How Much Does It Cost to Repoint a Chimney?

Generally, the cost may vary from region to region. Let us briefly discuss the costs involved in doing a general repointing. Doing this alone can be very profitable. It usually takes about $175-250 for the materials you need. It can be reduced further if you have a height where you don’t need scaffolding.

But doing it alone can be pretty unsafe and challenging if you have a lack of experience, so many suggest using an experienced professional. The fee charged per square foot varies from area to area and person to person. Usually charged between 350-500 dollars per 20 square feet. Considering that, repointing this can cost between 500-2500 dollars. It may change sometimes. Mainly the difference depends on the size and the hire of the professional.

Best Mortar for Repointing a Chimney?

Your repointing success depends on the mortar you use. There are several types of motors. Among them, M-type mortar can also be identified as the strongest mortar. But for your chimney repointing, a high-quality mortar mixed in a precise ratio will be more than enough. When you use a particular mortar, you can get the best quality results by following the instructions that come with it properly.


This article has revealed many things you didn’t know about the chimney. And you know the importance of repointing. Before starting this article, you may have not understood the topic “What is Chimney Repointing?”. But there is no doubt that we explained it very simply. Also, through this article, you have understood the main functions of the chimney and the benefits of repairing it. If you have a chimney in your home and you feel it needs to be given more attention, be sure to do a repointing as soon as possible, or you will have to watch it get destroyed.

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