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How to Clean a Chandelier without Taking It Down? Safely Clean Your Chandelier!

A chandelier is a symbol of sophistication which most often is an heir of one’s family. The architecture of your modernized or old-fashioned house will brighten up with just the presence of a mesmerizing chandelier over your head, adding a hallow effect to you and your entire home. However, as much as you would like to inherit, add a chandelier to your house; it becomes an excruciating pain to clean it if you take it apart. However, in this article, we will be helping you to comprehend how to clean a chandelier without taking it down?

Is it Possible to Clean a Chandelier without Removing It from the Ceiling?

Additionally, the presence of a divine chandelier in your house is a huge responsibility that requires extensive care and cleaning. Therefore it will be tiring and overwhelming to take apart the chandelier, clean them all one by one and reassemble all the chandelier parts back together without missing any part. What if someone tells you there are ways to clean your chandelier without taking it down? The methods are,

  1. Drip and Dry Method

In the drip and dry method, the owners utilize a mild cleansing solution to drip all the dirt and debris accumulating on the crystals without damaging their surface.

  1. Plastic Chandelier Cleaning Method

In this method, the owner intends to clean and still protect the glow of the crystals using a recommended cleaning solution and a fibre cloth to clean the chandelier.

  1. Glove Method

In this method, we use cotton gloves to clean the chandelier.

What are the Potential Risks or Challenges of Cleaning a Chandelier in Place?

 Cleaning the diamond of your entire home is a big responsibility. Therefore, many risks are attached to a cleansing procedure of the chandelier if it is still hanging on the ceiling, shining bright like a diamond. However, these risks can easily be prevented by easy and simple protection procedures. The risks are,

  • The bulb holders and the circuits could go wrong as a reaction to the water if the cleansing solutions leak into the holders.
  • Suppose you keep circling the chandelier to clean every angle of it. In that case, there is a potential possibility of the chandelier being loose from the ceiling.
  • If you use the wrong cleansing substance, you risk damaging the chandelier and its glow, the shine of it.
  • Suppose you are irresponsible and use your bare hands to clean the chandelier’s crystals. In that case, there will be visible fingerprints on your chandelier.

How Often should a Chandelier be Cleaned When It Cannot be Taken Down

How Often should a Chandelier be Cleaned When It Cannot be Taken Down?

Cleaning a chandelier when it is still hanging on to the ceiling as the owner is not ready to take the parts of the chandelier apart and clean them separately. Therefore cleaning the chandelier when it is still on the ceiling is an easy way and a harder way.

However, when it comes to how often you should be cleaning the chandelier, you can simply dust off the chandelier once a week and then clean it using a drip-and-dry method once every two or three months and clean the chandelier fully using the plastic method or the glove method once a year.

How to Clean a Chandelier without Taking It Down?

Cleaning the chandelier, as mentioned above, is a real challenge. Moreover, suppose you will clean the chandelier when it is still on the ceiling. In that case, it will be another challenge as you must take off the circuit, preventing water or any cleansing substance from getting into the circuit or the cables.

The things you will need to clean a chandelier

  • A cleaning substance free of ammonia if you are using a consumer-based product.
  • You can also use a DIY cleaning substance combined using Vinegar, baking soda, water, etc.
  • A spraying bottle.
  • A pair of cotton gloves.
  • Microfiber towels.

First, remove the bulbs and cover the holder using plastic tape while turning off the circuit as well. Then for the drip and dry method, you simply spray the substance until the dripping water is back to clear and clean water. Then for gloves, you will clean every part one by one using cotton gloves. In the plastic method, you use cleansing liquid and microfiber towels to clean the chandelier. Then, at last, dust off the bulbs and assemble the bulbs and the chandelier back together.

Are There any Precautions to Protect the Surrounding Area During the Cleaning Process?

Just as much as the cleaning process is vital and requires thorough attention, the surroundings of your house should not be destroyed because of this cleansing process. Therefore it is essential to take the necessary steps to prevent such damage from happening to the surroundings of your house, especially underneath the chandelier. Therefore we will see what we can do to protect the surroundings.

The things you need to protect the surroundings while cleaning the chandelier

  • Newspapers
  • Polythene sheets
  • Blankets
  • Rugs
  • Extra towels
  • Mopping essentials

Even if you have some of these items, it is easier to protect your surroundings if you could just lay a polythene sheet underneath the chandelier so that the dripping water won’t go everywhere and make your house a paddy field run by infuriating bulls as the footprints will drive you crazy afterwards. All those things we mentioned can be laid underneath to absorb the dripping water and stop making a huge mess.

Tips for Maintaining the Sparkle and Shine of a Chandelier Over Time?

We clean the chandelier hoping for a better finish with a glistening outlook. However, cleaning it with regular substances cannot accomplish this purpose. There are many tips to maintain the gloss of the chandelier.

  • It is a must to clean the chandelier weekly, not letting dust or debris accumulate on the crystals, as the dust could prevent them from reflecting light.
  • Furthermore, the dressing of cobwebs is only sometimes a pleasant sight for the eye and also for the longevity of the glow of the chandelier.
  • Moreover, it is a must to prevent rusting from occurring on the metal bars, ensuring there is no excess water on them.
  • Pay attention to the discolouration of the chandelier, and make sure you are using a cleaning liquid free of ammonia, which will encourage discolouration.

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