can you wash sheets and towels together

Can You Wash Sheets and Towels Together? All You Need To Know

Doing laundry can come down a little bit tricky when you have to deal with piles of different garments? When it concerns towels and sheets, the internet, and real life, people are filled with various takes and opinions, making it confusing to hold on to reality. Can you wash sheets and towels together? Yes or No? 

A solid answer with an explanation – we know you’d die to get that. And we got your back! 

Let us find out the possibility of washing sheets and towels together. (Of course, with the best explanation of the scope) 

Let’s dive into the game.

Can you Wash Sheets and Towels Together? 

Yes, you can wash sheets and towels together since both are fabric, and the house won’t collapse if you do it. 

But the real question is, is it safe to do so? Is it advisable? 

Should you or shouldn’t you wash the sheets and towels together? 

Well, even though you can wash clothes together as you wish, there are always consequences. Positive and Negative. 

When it comes to washing sheets and towels, it’s a mixture of consequences. It can be either positive or negative depending on the clothes’ color, fabric, weight, size, etc.

However, in most cases, washing towels and sheets together end up in bad outcomes that will make you regret your whole life for a hot second. (Obviously, who needs their new and comfy towels and sheets to end up useless?) 

Since towels and sheets are different garment types, it is most likely that they would not get along well during the washing process. 

However, under certain circumstances, you can wash them together. 

Like what? 

Suppose your sheets are thick, and they and your towels are similar/ nearly the same color. And also, they do not have a big gap in their sizes. 

In that case, you can go ahead and wash them together. There should be no issues. 

If none of these conditions are met, it is recommended that you wash them separately by paying attention to the cloth tags. 

Back to your question, can you wash sheets and towels together? 

NO – not advised to do! 

Yes, if the conditions for the garments to get along are perfectly met. 

Washing Sheets and Towels Temperature

Temperature is a vital factor to pay attention to when washing clothes. 

Different clothes will need different levels of temperature to be washed cleanly. 

The temperature level a specific cloth needs will depend on several factors such as the type of fabric, intensity of dirt, etc. 

What is the conclusion when considering sheets and towels? 

Think about it – how dirty do they get? Yes, very! 

Since sheets and towels are in use regularly, multiple times, they come in contact with dirt and germs very frequently. (You better make sure you wash them at least once a week) 

The ideal temperature to wash sheets and towels is 40 degrees. 

What if your sheets and towels are extra unclean, and you really want to have a fierce battle to kill all the germs? 60 degrees of temperature is recommended in that case. 

Why Don’t you Wash Sheets and Towels Together? 

So why is it advisable to not wash sheets and towels together? Do you want valid and explanatory reasons? 

Alright, let’s hop right in and discuss them. 

  • Fabric Type

The primary reason to not wash sheets and towels together is because of the different fabrics of the garments. 

Sheets are thin and delicate. And then we have the furry, thick, and sturdy towels. (Obviously not a match) 

Given the huge difference in the fabric, they also require different washing times. 

Sheets will take less washing time (30 minutes max), while towels may require more washing time (an hour or more). 

Moreover, avoiding the time factor and washing them together may also leave your sheets torn or damaged. 

  • Balling Up 

The key challenge you will have to face if you decide to wash sheets and towels together – balling up cloth. As sheets are wider and larger, towels can get balled up inside them. 

And the result? They may not get thoroughly washed/ cleaned (bet germs would be so happy). 

The scenario is even worse if the sheets are ‘fitted sheets’ since it will be very comfortable and easy for the towel to get balled as fast as possible. 

  • Lint 

Imagine sheets and towels leaving lint on one another. 

Better off washing them separately, right? Exactly. 

What Can you Wash Sheets With?

Even though it is unfavorable to wash sheets with towels, you have other options. 

Choose clothes of similar dirt intensity and fabric type (must not be little clothes, though) and wash them with sheets. 

Also, pay attention to the color. Some clothes are prone to bleeding dye. 

Always look up the tags labeled on the clothes before jumping into action. It’ll save you big time from laundry mishaps. 

Use mild detergent to clean the clothes effectively. 

What Can you Wash Towels With? 

You can wash anything cotton with towels. No complications. 

BUT do make sure you do not choose the wrong cloth partners. 

Who are they? 

Soft, delicate, thin, slightly dirty clothes. 

Go for clothes that match the size, dirt intensity, and fabric type of the towel. And they should be COTTON. 

Use a detergent of your choice to wash the heap. 

Can you Dry Sheets and Towels Together? 


Do not dry sheets and towel together. 

Keep in mind that they are Tom and Jerry. They do not get along well at all. So do not try drying them together. 


Towels and sheets are made of different fibers of different thicknesses. They will take different amounts of time to dry (the gap isn’t narrow). 

If you ignore the advice and have a go at drying them together, prepare a welcome board to mildew and mold.

You know what to do. 

What Should you not Wash Together? 

Pay attention to the tag on your clothes. Important instructions will be labeled there. Please read them and follow them. You will be good. 

Let us give you heads-up on a few NOs to keep in mind when washing clothes together. 

  • Do not wash color bleeding-cloths with clothes that do not bleed any dye. 
  • Separate the clothes based on the intensity of the dirt levels. Because the time that will take to wash will also differ. 
  • Wash clothes depending on the type of fabric. Do not mix up different fabric types together. 

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