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Can you Pause a Dishwasher? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Maybe you missed putting a few dishes in your Dishwasher, and turning on your Dishwasher again for so little will not be ideal. We might have faced a similar situation with other machines in our home, which did not seem like a big issue, but the Dishwasher is different.  When this happens, one of the questions you are triggered to ask is, can you pause a dishwasher? Trust us; you are not the first person to ask this question, which is why this article is handy for you.

Pausing a Washing machine and opening your oven or microwave in between is normal in your routine, but the Dishwasher, unlike other electric items, has safety concerns. Hence, if you are unsure if you can pause a dishwasher during the process, the answer correlates to different factors. Before jumping to conclusions, it is best to relate to the factors influencing the answer. Thus, in this article, we will discuss everything about pausing a dishwasher.

Can you Pause a Dishwasher?

Dishwashers are life savers to avoid oil scraps when doing the dishes and are more hygienic than washing the dishes by hand.

That is why missing out on a greasy dish can be disappointing when you have forgotten to put it in the Dishwasher. However, as previously stated, the answer to Can you pause a dishwasher is molded under different factors.

It depends on how long the Dishwasher was on, the step in the cleaning, or the manufacturer and model.

The primary reason most worried about pausing a dishwasher is because it could risk burning your hands in hot water when you open it. Thus, if you want to pause the Dishwasher, you must follow safety precautions before you do so, especially if you have an old model, because most modern Dishwasher models include the Pause or Stop option.

Why Do you Need to Pause a Dishwasher?

There are different reasons why one might need to pause a Dishwasher. It is not only because you missed a dish; it could also be because you hear unusual noises from inside.

If you want to check the detergent levels or check if the dishes are effectively cleaned in the Dishwasher, you might want to pause the Dishwasher. Because if the dishes are not washed properly, pausing during the cycle can help to diagnose when it happens.

Whatever the reasons you need to pause the Dishwasher, it is essential to follow safety precautions. Always ensure you press the pause or stop button before opening, and it is recommended to use heat-resistant safety gloves if not hand mittens. Because when opening the Dishwasher at once, you are exposed to the heat directly and can spill hot water on your hands.

How to Pause a Dishwasher Mid-cycle?

Pausing a Dishwasher is safe as long as you follow safety precautions. That is why learning how to pause a dishwasher in mid-cycle is vital. Thus, we have included a step-by-step guide to pause the dishwasher and reduce the potential risk safely. Ensure you follow the instructions carefully below.

  1. After you have loaded the dishes on the correct shelves, the Dishwasher starts working.
  2. Now when the need arises to pause the Dishwasher, you can wear safety gloves, preferably heat-resistant, or mittens.
  3. Press the pause or stop button.
  4. Now slowly open the lid, maintaining a distance because you don’t want the hot vapor to burn your face directly. Try not to keep your face far as possible and less direct.
  5. Once you finish the work, you can close the dishwasher door back and press the Start button.

However, the method to pause your Dishwasher may differ with each manufacturer if you use Kitchen Aid, LG, or Samsung. But manufacturers like Whirlpool, Bosch, Kenmore, and Miele will automatically pause or stop when you open the Dishwasher door, and the washer will restart once you close the Dishwasher door.

If you paused the Dishwasher to add a dish, you would have to add more detergent. And before closing the dishwasher door, you must check if the detergent dispenser is closed.

What Happens If you Pause a Dishwasher?

The consequences that follow when you open a dishwasher depend on the manufacturer or the brand and are unpredictable.

What Happens If you Pause a Dishwasher

If you pause to add a dish, the water will start to fill, and if you pause while the water fills in the top loader, there is a chance for the hot water to spill out. As a result, it can make a mess and increases the possibility of causing burns. But,  some manufacturers have advanced technology where the Dishwasher will stop filling water once it is paused, and when it is restarted, the water starts filling back.

Potential Risks of Pausing a Dishwasher

As previously stated, pausing a Dishwasher is safe if you follow safety precautions and the steps properly. But, if not, below are some risks you might face; if you don’t follow the correct method, it can harm the Dishwasher’s function. Because there is a method, the manufacturer has programmed the Dishwasher to pause, and any other method you use can disrupt its function. Thus, if your Dishwasher manufacturer recommends pausing or stopping, following as said, or is not open, any method you use should be followed according to the model.

How to Drain a Dishwasher Mid-cycle?

If the water is overloaded in your Dishwasher because of a miscalculation or an issue in the programming system, you must manually drain the dishwasher mid-cycle. But since you are unsure how to drain a dishwasher mid-cycle, the following can help you.

If you want to drain a dishwasher, you must first long press the start or the Reset button for a few seconds from Menus in the Dishwasher.

Next, close the door and wait for the excess water to drain. After you hear the water-draining noise stop, press the start button to restart the Dishwasher.


In the article Can you Pause a Dishwasher, we discussed different topics, making the answer more insightful for the question. Thus, we have also included a guide to pausing your Dishwasher according to different models and contemplating the potential risks faced by pausing the Dishwasher.

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