how long does hardwood flooring last

How Long does Hardwood Flooring Last? The Long-Lasting Appeal!

The overpowering options for designing your house to your desire will make you overwhelm you sooner or later. However, the flooring options, including hardwood flooring installation, will be one of the most optimal and smashing floorings you could invest in. However, the hardwood flooring installation does come with some questions that will trigger your mind. How long does hardwood flooring last? To answer this question, we need to talk through the type of wood and how to take care of executing this installation. Hence why you will need to continue your journey with us.

What is the Typical Lifespan of Hardwood Flooring?

As we cited earlier, the most optimal and smashing option for your home will be hardwood flooring if you are looking for a natural ambiance. However, as you are en route to determine the hardwood flooring, you will be wondering how long does hardwood flooring last.

Hardwood flooring can last for about a century; however, the glossy shine that is attained by the outer coat on the hardwood will not last that long. However, this coating also could last for about 25 years if taken care of and maintained properly.

Thus the reinstallation of this coating will vary according to many aspects, which will be discussed later in the article. However, in conclusion, hardwood flooring can last a lifetime (approximately 100 years), while the shiny coating will wear off with time and with the utilization level.

What Factors Can Influence the Longevity of Hardwood Flooring?

As we mentioned earlier, many factors affect the longevity of the hardwood flooring. Thus we will be discussing what will influence the longevity of hardwood flooring. Those factors can be identified as,

  • Cleanliness of the hardwood flooring.
  • How you maintain and clean your hardwood flooring can be one of the most important things that will directly impact the longevity of the flooring. If you are using harmful chemicals to clean your hardwood, those chemicals could burn out the coating of the flooring quickly and make the flooring shine bit by bit.
  • Careless furniture replacement and relocating.
  • Most of us are practicing moving furniture like merciless butchers that have damaged the walls and flooring we have installed. Thus if you have hardwood flooring installed, you have to have padding underneath furniture and should relocate heavier furniture more often.
  • Be cautious about your pets.
  • Pets do not have the intuition to know that hardwood flooring could easily be harmed by their claws and urine. Therefore, you are responsible for training your pets and paying attention to their actions while on the wooden flooring.

Does the Type of Hardwood Affect the Lifespan of the Flooring?

The type of hardwood directly affects the lifespan, the thickness of the wood flooring, and the combinations of coating substances. There are two main types of wood that you can use for hardwood flooring, and they are,

  • Engineered wood floors. (30 years of lifespan)
  • Solid hardwood flooring. (100 years of lifespan)

While these woods vary according to the lifespan, most people invest in engineered wood floors as it is the cheaper option from the bird’s eye view. Still, solid hardwood flooring is cheaper for the surgical view, considering less money spent on resealing and refinishing if maintained properly.

Do Hardwood Floors Fade Over Time?

One of the inevitable things that will happen to hardwood floorings is the fading procedure, as hardwood flooring is an installation of nature onto your home. Thus as with all natural resources, you will notice fading in your floors with time and utilization.

Some lighter and darker spots will appear here and there, like occasional pimples that would pay you an overdue visit. However, the fading of hardwood flooring is not even that noticeable as it will only be visible to you but not to your visitor. So it should not be a complication.

However, while some like this natural discoloration and the fading, some highly need the same color in every inch of the flooring, which will need reinstallation and refinishing.

Does Hardwood Last Longer than Laminate?

Hardwood flooring is real flooring that will add an ambiance of wilderness to your modern home. In contrast, laminated flooring is a fiberboard material specializing in synthetic material, which gives your modern house a more laminated and cheaper than hard wooden flooring.

However, this cheaper version will not be that much of an advantage as the hardwood flooring lasts longer than the laminated flooring, and the reinstalling of laminate flooring will be harder to perform. Therefore, the last longing option for your new apartment, house, or company flooring would be hard wooden flooring.

While it lasts longer, we can reinstall it easily as well. Therefore, the simplest answer to this question is that hardwood flooring lasts longer than laminated flooring. 

How to Maintain Hardwood Floors?

As mentioned multiple times earlier, the longevity of hard wooden floors most often depends on their maintenance, which will make a huge impact on the floor’s appearance as well. Therefore cleaning and maintaining your floor is going to become something very important. Therefore we will discuss how to maintain your hardwood floors, and here’s how.

  • First, make sure that you sweep or vacuum the floors that you have installed hard wooden flooring regularly. Regularly means strictly daily. Thus there will be no more dust, debris, or pet fur lying around the floor, making scratches and all that fuss on the coating of the flooring.
  • Then, consider mopping your floor while being cautious that your map has no wiring installed, as it could harm the floor. Moreover, you must not use any DI cleaners to mop the floor. NO detergents are allowed as well.
  • If you mop the floors, make sure the floors dry up quickly, as the wetness will also not benefit the flooring situation.
  • Make sure to clean up any kind of spillage immediately, as the spillage can react horridly with the chemicals of the coating as well.

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