how to reset the high limit switch on the furnace

How to Reset the High Limit Switch on the Furnace? (Step by Step)

A high-limit switch is a predominant part of a furnace system as it assures the safety of a household in which the utilization of a forced-air furnace is distinctly evident. The confirmation of security comes with properly acknowledging the definition of a high-temperature limit switch and the high-temperature limit switch manual reset based on its condition. You need to comprehend the reset procedure that should execute on a high-limit switch. Thereupon, all these apparent signs of required knowledge will be brought to you by us as we answer your burning question; “how to reset the high limit switch on the furnace?”

What is the High-limit Switch on a Furnace?

A high-limit switch is a compact device manufactured and implemented in the furnace system to control the interior temperature and the furnace’s heating.

A limit switch is a device responsible for turning on the furnace bowler when the desired internal temperature of a furnace has been met.

Open limit switch fault furnaces ultimately malfunction the entire furnace system, creating a danger zone. A high-limit switch usually consists of an exterior plate and a temperature probe.

Why would you Need to Reset the High-limit Switch on a Furnace?

The cause behind a high-temperature limit switch manual reset can vary immensely as they either begin with a simple bowler fan that doesn’t cease its functionality or end with a clogged “A” coil.

You will face the requirement of resetting the open limit switch fault furnace, as a bad switch can completely shut down the furnace system. Moreover, simple and short cycling, dirty air filters, closed vents, excessive heat, and a shoddy blower motor can cause an open limit switch fault furnace.

The given reasons allow you to reset the high-limit switch on the stove for better functionality.

How Can you Tell If a Limit Switch is Bad

How Can you Tell If a Limit Switch is Bad?

The perpetual discontinuation of the functionality of a limit switch is a dominant indicator of a bad limit switch.

You can inspect whether your furnace system has become irresponsive and is forced to remain in an open limit switch fault furnace situation. If so, beyond any doubt, your furnace will not function. Given above is a clear sign of a bad limit switch. Undesired, repeated overheating can cause this effect.

The continuous overheating will result in excessive light switch operation and a hard shutdown.

Upon this, your furnace will not function. All these are the signs of lousy limit switches.

How to Reset the High-limit Switch on the Furnace?

High-temperature limit switch manual reset can be done professionally, or if you intend to “DIY” a “manual reset limit switch,” you only need the fundamental knowledge of electronics and the functionality of a multimeter.

If you shoot the shot alone, you must ensure you have bought the same version of the previous limit switch.

The new limit switch must be compatible with the overall wiring and the system. Therefore the new limit switch must have the previous voltage ratings and temperature range.

This is the most crucial part of the replacement procedure, as only a duplicated version will be able to provide you with the expected results.

With that in mind, we will now provide you with a way to reset the limit switch manually. The steps are as such,

  1. It would Help If you Disconnected the Power Supply
  • To avoid any electrical accident, you must pull the main plug from the panel board to deactivate the heating system. Thus, the first step is to be cautious about your safety.
  1. Inspect the Panel to Make Sure Whether the Heater is Active or Inactive

  • If the multimeter reads infinite resistance, there is no doubt that the switch is lousy. 
  1. Remove the appliance’s control panel.
  2. Locate the “limit switch.”
  • When you remove the control panel, you must look for a bright red or yellow button that will strike your vision in no time. The switch will be visible near the dashboard’s control panel, closer to the ignition switch.
  1. Detach the “limit switch.”

  • Press and release the limit switch to detach the limit switch
  • Thereupon you have the power to reset the limit switch manually.
  1. Attach the New Limit Switch

  • Attaching the new switch does not need enormous power. Attach the accurate mounting screws and reconnect the correct wires you disabled earlier in the first step.

Thus, following these steps flawlessly and faithfully will take you to your desired destination.

You will be a proud successor of a restored limit switch. However, If you doubt yourself In any smaller way, let the professionals handle the situation peacefully.

Professionals will reset the limit switch without any doubt while considering your opinion on the manual reset of the high-temperature limit switch. Moreover, resetting the furnace high limit switch will be the most cost-effective decision if you are a victim of an abusive limit switch. 

How Often should you Rest the high-limit Switch on the Furnace?

Resetting the high-limit switch can easily become an annual reset activity if you have maintained your stove following the necessary precautions.

A dirty filter is the first and foremost reason behind a lousy limit switch. A dirty filter prevents the accumulated polluted air from escaping the furnace. Hence it is your responsibility to maintain a non-polluted filter.

If you have maintained such a filter, you can reset the limit switch once a year. However, if you own a dirty filter, you will face severe problems and must reset the switch multiple times yearly.


Does a High-limit Switch Reset Itself?

The simple answer to your question is no. The user must rest the limit switch either with a new limit switch or else can remove the old switch and set the settings to reset the limit switch manually. Thus a high-limit switch is not automated and cannot reset by itself. User interactions are a must when it comes to open-limit switch fault furnaces.

How Do you Locate the High-limit Switch on a Furnace?

Locating a high-limit switch on the furnace is not a heavy-duty task. First, you must remove the control panel from the appliances section in the furnace.

Then you look for a red or yellow button near the dashboard control panel closer to the ignition switch. Voila, you found the high-limit switch.

What Causes the Furnace’s High Limit to Switch to Trip?

There are many causes for a high-limit switch to trip. These reasons directly affect the reputation of the limit switch as it has the power to label the switch as a lousy limit switch. Thus, these reasons can be simple and short cycling, dirty air filters, closed vents, excessive and repetitive heat appliances, a shoddy blower motor, and a clogged “A” coil. A worn-out limit switch malfunctioning can cause a limit switch to trip.

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