what cheese pairs well with salami

What Cheese Pairs Well with Salami? Discover The Best Cheese!

If you’re looking to make the best of your charcuterie board, you’re at the right place. Salami and Cheese are what you call the perfect pair for a party. They never fail to impress. Sometimes it could get a little overwhelming standing in the supermarket aisle wondering what Cheese would pair best with your delicious Salami for a perfect platter. In this article, we will give you a complete guide on what Cheese pairs well with Salami. We also promise to give you some great tips for creating the perfect Cheese and salami platter to impress your family and friends. Keep reading to find out some exciting facts about a crazy cheese and meat platter.

What Cheese Pairs Well with Salami?

We all know that Salami is what you call the cured sausage made of air-dried and fermented meat, mostly pork. Different parts of the world have created their own version of Salami packed with tons of flavors, and this is where it gets tricky, where we have a hard time choosing the best Cheese to compliment the meat. So, to make things easier for you, we are going to make a list of Salami and Cheese that goes really well with each other.

The different types of Salami and Cheese that pair well;

  • Felino Salami; Felinoor the king of Salami, is an Italian version of Salami made of pork, sugar, sea salt, garlic, natural flavors and spices, chianti, red wine, and starter culture. This Italian king salami is served at a thickness of 1/8 to get the maximum from the fat and peppercorn texture. We pair this meat with Manchego, Pecorino, Blue cheese, Provola, Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese, crusty bread, and red wine. You will get the best out of their packed flavors with this combination.
  • Genoa Salami; this is a salami from Genoa, Italy. This charcuterie board-worthy salami is rich in garlic flavor and is made with pork, sugar, sea salt, flavors, and spices, as well as a lot of garlic. This Salami pairs best with Provolone, a 2-year-aged cheddar, processed gold Cheese, Fontina Cheese, warm bread, roasted pepper, and sparkling Prosecco. Trust me, and this pair will never disappoint you.
  • Sopressata Salami; a very popular salami in the United States that originated from Italy, is of two varieties; the spice salami with Calabrian red pepper flakes and the mild one with cracked black pepper. Sopressata is a bold-flavored smooth salami with pork, spices, sugar, garlic, and starter culture. The Salami best pairs with Havarti, a semi-soft cheese, Goat cheese, seedy crackers, Dry rose, and wheat beer. A traditional route to enjoy Sopressata.
  • Chorizo; this dried version of Salami is made the Spanish way, with fresh herbs and smoked paprika with spice flavors with a smoky and deep undertone. There are two types of chorizos; the Spanish cured Salami and the Mexican uncooked chorizo. The best to be used as Salami is the Spanish cured chorizo; we also use it as an awesome substitute for pepperoni. The best Cheese to pair with chorizo is aged Manchego, aged Gouda, and good Parmigiano-Reggiano with a glass of Rioja wine and some olives.
  • Pepperoni, this cured meat from Italy, is seen as the famous topping it American pizzas. Salami is very popular in the United States for its sweet and smoky flavor. The extra ingredient added to pepperoni is sunflower oil. The best Cheese to pair with pepperoni salami is some fresh mozzarella with a free bowl of salad and some craft IPA.
  • Peppered Salami; this wild and black pepper-rich ground salami is a famous addition to your charcuterie board. They are so delicious to bite on with some mozzarella di Bufala, salted tomato basil, and a glass of Chianti wine. You will not regret any single bite.
  • Finocchiona Salami; this Tuscan Salami is a very expensive pepper-rich salami, the fragrance that dominates the Salami is Finocchio or fennel. This makes the Salami even more mouthwatering. The best Cheese to pair with is Goat cheese, Gouda, and Grana Padano, along with a dash of olive oil, a bowl of salad, some mild crackers, and a glass of Pinot Grigio.
  • Cacciatore Salami; this is a mild salami that is quite generous with the meat flavor and subtle spice with coarsely ground pepper and fresh garlic. It’s best paired with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, cold Ale, and crusty bread.
  • Wine Salami; the Salami is made with homemade wine and is packed with flavor and aroma from the wine-cured meat mixed with natural herbs and spices. It has quite the texture to the meat. We pair this wonderfully flavored meat with soft Cheese, multigrain cracker, and some nice soft bread.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Cheese and Salami Platter

We make these popular Cheese and salami platters or charcuterie boards for many parties, get-togethers, and entertainments.

They are an attractive platter of Cheese, fruits, crackers, Salami, and many other colorful goodies to munch on.

To make your platter more complimenting and delicious, we are going to give you a step-by-step guide on creating the most creative platter.

  • When preparing your platter, you will have confusion about what food to start with. So, to make things easier, start with the big things. Pick the items that pretty much take up a bigger space on your board. For example, tiny bowls for sauce, syrup, jam, and other dips for the crisps and nachos if you’re planning to add any. Next, add the Cheese, and we add them first because Cheese is best served at room temperature. Place all your Cheese that best compliments the Salami of your choice. You could cut them into any shapes you like, slices, cubes, triangles, circles, or even leave them at their original shape. Don’t add the same kind of flavored Cheese; make sure there is variety in it, the Salami too. For example, add at least one aged Cheese along with one common or exciting flavor and 2 milk cheese varieties.
  • Next in line, place the meat, cut or roll them into any shape you like, stack the Salami or place them in half-circles or even to look like a Chinese hand fan. Along with it, add the crackers and bread as well. According to your choice of Cheese, the bread can be something rusty and coarse in texture or warm and soft. You could place the crackers in a row with them sliding to a side or arrange them in circles. Make sure they are easy to grab.
  • Once the main items are placed, there will be some tiny empty spaces remaining here and there on the board; you could fill them with some delicious green grapes, orange slices, olives, cherries, or strawberries; they make the platter even more colorful. You may also add some nuts and a side some mint or basil for greens. Your platter is finally ready to serve.

What to Add to Salami and Cheese?

As we have mentioned earlier, Salami and Cheese could be literally paired with anything that enhances their flavors. For example, some of the best complimenting food items that bring out the best in Salami and Cheese include sausages, olives, crackers both spice and mild depending on the type of Salami used, nuts, fresh fruits, a tangy sauce for the crackers, some jam for a sweet addition to the platter, along with some bread and wine. Remember to include both hard and soft Cheese, like cheddar, parmesan, Gouda, brie, triple cream, blue Cheese, etc.

Does Cheddar Go with Salami?

Yes, absolutely. We normally use sharp cheddar, which is a typical hard cheese great for your cheese board.

We prefer that you also add some tangy mustard, a mix of some juicy apples and large strawberries, along with pickle and Salami.

Does Cheddar Go with Salami

Since this is pretty much a sharp and strong-flavored cheese, we recommend you have a sip of some bold-flavored wine.

Does Salami and Swiss Cheese Go Together?

Yes, they do pair really well, especially when you pair Swiss Cheese with Genoa or Sopressata. This is a nutty-flavored hard Cheese.

We also pair them with crackers and bread. Swiss is much healthier compared to many of our other cheese types.

If you’re looking to have a healthy addition to your diet with low fat and sodium, Swiss Cheese would be a great choice for your Salami.

What Cheese Goes Best with Pepperoni and Salami?

We literally have many of the Cheeses that go really well with pepperoni and Salami. The number one choice mostly picked is mozzarella. We also have Gouda, Goat cheese, blue Cheese, feta, fontina, Swiss, parmesan, and white cheddar.

Is Salami and Cheese Unhealthy?

Making it a habit to consume Salami and Cheese more often or over-indulging would be a bad sign for health.

Cheese is a high-fat and high-sodium food that is unhealthy to consume in large amounts or on a regular basis.

You could end up with chronic illness and obesity. So, it is always better to keep it at moderate levels when consuming. Or maybe keep a salami and cheese platter for only special occasions.

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