What Kind Of Red Wine Goes With Mexican Food

What Kind Of Red Wine Goes With Mexican Food

One of the most exquisite ways to complement Mexican food is to serve red wine along the dish. It has also been a part of the Mexican culture and is a popular tradition to serve wine with their food as a go-to beverage. Thus, in this article, we will be discussing what kind of red wine goes with Mexican food.

Because red wine refreshes you and makes the food more appetizing if you are a fan of  Mexican food, choosing the right red wine can be challenging. Mexican food too can come in different types, it could be cheesy, savoury, spicy etc.

A variety of red wines in the market come in different flavours, amounts of alcohol and wine that match the dish’s flavours. Not all red wines will make a good blend for every Mexican food. It depends on the type of cuisine and an individual’s personal preference. But learning what kind of red wine goes with Mexican food best will help to filter the most suitable types of red wine.

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What Kind Of Red Wine Goes With Mexican Food?

Selecting the correct type of red wine for your Mexican food is a must for a person who loves trying different cultural cuisines or a food enthusiast. Either way, who doesn’t love getting served with the best combos? Mexican food is very spicy, and they bring out strong savoury flavours of spices. Serving a red wine that soothes the spices and subsides the flavours of the food is essential. A general tip to remember when serving red wine is to be served while icy-cold gives a better effect.

For a spicy Mexican meal, choosing a red wine with fewer alcohol levels is preferable to smooth the spices. Still, if you want to increase the intensity, then there is no problem choosing strong alcohol-based red wine.

The ingredients used in your  Mexican cuisine can match the type of red wine to compliment the flavours. Red wine like Rose is most suitable if your Mexican food is flavoured with chilli, peppers, Thyme, Oregano, Cinnamon, Vanilla, clove and cocoa. For a  red wine like Garnacha, Mexican cuisines with chilli, peppers, Garlic, Onion, Tomatoes, beans, thyme and oregano flavours pairs best.

Other red wine brands like Tempranillo red wine also make a good-to-go drink for  Mexican cuisines dominating pepper and chilli flavours. The Sangiovese red wine pairs up the best flavours induced with  Onion, garlic and tomatoes, and Primitivo red wine goes well with the bean flavours.

Suppose your Mexican cuisine has a flavour of Cilantro or Epazote. In that case, a wine like Verdejo or Albarino pairs best and if Cinamon, Vanilla, Cocoa, or Clove-based Mexican cuisine, the sparkling wine works best.

What Is The Best Red Wines For Mexican Food?

Red wine is one of the oldest wines discovered in 6000 BC. Red wine is a type of alcoholic beverage based on grapefruit with a purple-deep red to earthy ruby colour, which depends on the manufacturer and the amount of alcohol in the red wine. It is mostly used to compliment savoury and spicy food as a go-to drink. However, red wine is popular to be part of Mexican cuisine.

There is a wide range of different types of red wines in the industry, but a few types of red wines stand out from the market and are best known for being served with Mexican food. Below are some types with a brief insight into the red wines that pair best with Mexican food.

  • Gamay

Gamay or Beaujolais is one of the best types of red wine. With low alcohol levels, this red wine is also one of the most popular go-to drinks for spicy Mexican food. The wine has a very fruity flavour, dominating the flavours of cranberry and raspberry. The wine is made from Gamay Noir grapes cultivated in a region in France. The fruity flavour, along with the low alcohol levels, in the red wine, is best to soothe the Mexican spices and is light enough to drink often.

  • Zinfandel

This red wine is made after the Zinfandel grapes grown in the United States. Grapes are not as popular; they can make a great pair for Mexican food. Though the wine is light, it has high acidity with a fruitful flavour. For this reason, you cannot have too much of the Zinfandel wine, but a few sips will be satisfying for your savoury Mexican food.

  • Shiraz Or Syrah

The red wine takes the darkest shade of red in this family with very faint flavours but has a higher tannin level. The wine is made by ageing in Oak,  which takes the name after the wine as it was made in a city named Shiraz in ancient Persia. But this red wine is more associated with the Syrah grape.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

The cabernet sauvignon, red wine, is a bit stronger than any other type of wine, as stated here. It has a high tannin level and is a full-bodied wine, so it can have a few competing flavours. Because this red wine can overpower the flavours of your Mexican food, thus you can have this wine with a less tone of spicy levels to make it more appetizing.

  • Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir red wine is mild and sweet. It is a very wine with low tannin levels, which is good to go with any type of Mexican food. It could be a cheesy dish or an extremely spiced dished with chilli and peppers. Pinot Noir does a good job enriching your Mexican cuisine experience.


The article contemplates what kind of red wine goes with Mexican food, but the answer lies in various factors like the different flavours in the Mexican food, alcohol and tannin levels in the red wine etc. For extra knowledge, the article also discusses the best red wines you could get when having your Mexican cuisine.

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